In my younger years, a very honest friend of mine once revealed to me that I often looked like a mess. Not even a hot mess, just a mess. After the initial shock, I did something about it, I obsessively read about men’s style.After much research and shopping around, I managed to make myself into something presentable.

I created this blog  to help men navigate through the confusing world of men’s style, and save these style-conscious individuals the effort and time it took me to get it right.

The approach is to deliver this information in a “get-in-get-out” fashion, so readers can get their questions answered and move on with their life, without having to sort through fluff, and start enhancing their image right away.

Men, too, can feel inadequate because they don’t fit in with the “sexy” norms.

The underlying principles of  my articles sum up to promote the empowerment of men, to teach them to overcome the pressures of society to conform to a predetermined form of aesthetic, to stop comparing themselves to anorexic male fashion models and muscle bound beefcakes, and to help them establish their own style, and become attractive in their own way.

My hope is that through my blog, Principles of Style,  I can inspire and enable men to take the initiative to make themselves look better, smell better, and ultimately, feel better about themselves.

Enjoy reading Principles of Style, I look forward to hearing from you.


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