Footwear: The Modern Guide to Properly Wearing Socks

Socks are the bridge between shoes and pants.When you sit, your pant legs will ride up, exposing your legs. A bare leg is considered a faux-pas (a sign of bad etiquette) no one wants to see your bush (hairy legs). This subtle slip up can burn bridges in the high-profile professional world. Thin silk dress socks that reach at the calf, are ideal.

Match Your Socks to Your Pants

As a rule of thumb (toe, in this case) your socks’ colour and fabric must be as close to  pants’ as possible. Shoes do not dictate the socks, pants do. Solid black trousers call for solid black socks, and so on. Matching your socks to your shoes,gives the impression that your legs are shorter than they really are (right). Matching your socks to your trousers lengthens your legs (left, top and bottom), which is great for men of shorter stature.

Dress Shoes Need Dress Socks

No two ways about it.When dressing formally, wear only formal garments.  Thick white cotton tube-socks with a refined worsted wool suit and leather oxford shoes, don’t pair well together, as illustrated in the previous images.

White Socks Only to The Gym

White socks and exercise go foot-in-foot (I couldn’t resist), unless you’re going to exercie, do not wear white socks, even in casual settings. Yes, white pants would call for white socks, but tread lightly, make sure the socks are understated, smooth, and streamlined

No Socks with Sandals 

It’s surprising how this shabby look has never died. Sandals, and flip-flops are meant to be worn with bare feet, with clean and trimmed nails, of course. It doesn’t matter how stylish  your sandals are, and it doesn’t matter how awesome your socks are, no one is going to take you seriously when you sport socks and sandals.

socks sandals long socks - Copy
No one can rock’em like this.

Short Socks for Shorts

Wearing long socks with your short-pants makes you look like you have no idea what you’re doing, worst of all, it leaves impressions that you don’t care how you look. Not caring isn’t always the cool thing to do, you will be perceived as socially inept, by others. Wear ankle-socks or no-show socks with your shorts.

Cool Socks Rock

To bend the rules, one must master the rules. Classically, the advice is to match socks and shoes, appropriate when keeping a low-profile. In modern times, wearing eye-catching socks has become a trend. The sartorially adventurous balance on the thread between bold and foolish. Integrating colours into an outfit requires some finesse. Any garment is fair game, provided it coordinates well with the outfit. The key is contrasting the socks to the rest of your clothes. 

not cool socks
Whoops! Wrong socks.

cool socks - Copy

That’s better…

Nevermind…Ditch the Socks

With the climate warming up in the Spring and Summer, the sock-less look is hot. The no-sock style is a simple way to effectively dress down any outfit, and set the wearer apart from the rest. The best part, it’s one less item to worry about when composing an outfit. Not without its practical disadvantages, though, a little preparation is needed to successfully pull off the sock-less look.

no sock style featured image

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