Simple Things You Can Do Right Now To Instantly Be More Attractive


And Smile often. A smile is the universal sign that says “I’m approachable”. It shows that you are confident and don’t take things too seriously or let them get you down, people feel at ease with someone who seems friendly, and everyone likes to be around happy people.

couple smile


It doesn’t cost you, and often it pays off. Give genuine and specific compliments. “Nice shirt” doesn’t cut it, “that shirt looks good on you” is an improvement, but “I really like how that shirt fits you, you have good taste” is a step above that. Avoid body-related complements, even “you look like you lost some weight” can be a wild card. Be creative, and be decent.

Spray On a Great Fragrance

Putting on the right fragrance will instantly boost your sex appeal. Generally, women like masculine scents that are fresh & clean. Hold back on your oud-heavy niches. Citrics, woods, and the occasional gourmands (dessert-y scents) hit the right notes with the ladies. Don’t know how what scent to use?  My introduction to fragrances/colognes post will give you the map and the mini fragrance reviews will give you a starting point for your fragrance journey.


Speak Less

This one is counter-intuitive, but the less you speak about yourself, the more alluring you become, and the less chance that you will say something stupid. Think Becky is a bitch and Biff is a bastard? Keep them as thoughts. No one likes people who say uncouth things  and bad mouth others.

Listen More

Encourage people to talk. Everyone’s favorite topic is themselves, so let your company talk about their favorite topic. People realize you’ll pay attention to them discuss how their day went, their desires, and their concerns, They will want to be near you,more often. Plus, you always learn more when you listen.

My mother always told me that “there’s a reason we have two ears and only one mouth”.

Put the Phone Down

When you are with someone, show that you value their time and their presence. This especially applies to dates. You invited your love interest for dinner & drinks, not your smartphone. A cellphone won’t give you any loving (until someone makes an app for that) and if your company feels you care more about your phone than them, neither will they. Show interest in them, and they will show interest in you.

text on a date rude

Straighten That Back

Good posture displays strength and vitality on a subconscious level. Chin up, chest up, and eyes forward. Sit up straight as you read this page. When you walk, walk with direction, and face the horizon; the ground isn’t going anywhere.

Tip: Books, phones, and tablets, whatever reading apparatus you are using, bring it near face-level. This includes texting.



Read more of this blog, Principles of Style. It will be worth your time. Go to the home page or click the “previous” and “next” buttons at the end of this article. The driving force behind the creation of this blog is to enable men to become attractive in their own way, and give them the necessary skills. You will look better, smell better, and feel better. Self-confidence is of paramount importance for literally anything in life. A confident “you” makes an attractive “you”.

Just by reading this article  your appeal is rising, this knowledge will benefit you.

So, get out there, and go be a sexier “you” than you were a few minutes ago.

Thank you for reading Principles of Style. I hope you enjoy this post and found the blog useful. If you have any questions, feedback, or want to share some of your style and scent tips, tricks, and insights, please leave your input in the comments section below, or send me a PM.

Did I miss anything? Do you disagree? Do you love it? Have I changed your life?                    Let me know.

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