Shoes: The Difference Between a Good Outfit and a Great Outfit

Shoes Define Your Outfit’s Value

It is not the clothes that make the man, but the man that makes the clothes. And, it is the shoes that make the ordinary man, a stylish man.


Below, a closer shot with different clothes.

Looking to the examples above, compare the basic “dad-look” on the left, and the classic jeans and brogues style. The winner is obvious. The difference that a stylish pair of shoes makes is surprising.

Good Shoes and Great Shoes

Shoes are the literal base of every good outfit, the platform that elevate a man’s style to higher ground.

In this example, the difference is slight, but it’s still there. The sneakers on the right, with their understated cool, just work well to complement the outfit. The up-curved shoes on the left are not terrible, but they look like what a genie would wear to a business meeting.

Ladies Love a Man with Nice Shoes

A great pair of shoes, sends a powerful message to women, that you take care of yourself; because it shows that you pay attention to the way you look, she will pay attention to you. Another thing to consider is that, generally, women themselves are shoe-oriented, they enjoy collecting nice shoes, it’s safe to assume that they would appreciate their man’s shoe game to be tight, too. For the sake of discussion, and not brand-bashing, a crisp pair of  white Stan Smiths(right) will automatically make you more attractive than the beat-up Converse sneakers on the left.

beat shoescrisp stan smiths

Often, what’s overlooked by men, can make a world of difference to women. When the man evidently cares about the details, everything, from top to bottom, it demonstrates attentiveness, and women most definitely appreciate that kind of thing.

Your  Boss Evaluates Your Character Through Your Shoes

Again, when people notice that you take note of the details, they take note that you are a mindful individual. You go the extra mile, you cover all the bases and do not risk missing  anything that could be crucial to the development of the company, your employer will definitely appreciate that. You display more dependability than the the clunky-shoed schmos of the company that only do enough to not be mediocre. At least, that is what your outside appearance expresses. You’re ahead of the game, in the boss’ eyes.


By now, the importance of good shoes is apparent, they can can make or break an outfit. In my Building a Versatile Wardrobe: The Essentials post, you will learn of the basic types  of footwear every man should own. Stay tuned for more shoe guides.

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